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martes, 1 de octubre de 2013

Helen Forrest - Help yourself to my heart



1. Whatta Ya Gonna Do!
2. All Of Me
3. I Wish I Didn’t Love You So
4. You Do
5. Baby, Come Home
6. You Were Meant For Me
7. The Feathery Feelin’
8. Worry, Worry
9. Cincinnati
10. Ain’t Doin’ Bad Doin’ Nothin’
11. Help Yourself To My Heart
12. What Did I Do
13. I Love You Much Too Much
14. Down The Stairs, Out The Door
15. For Heaven’s Sake
16. Is It Too Late
17. My Mistake
18. Lover’s Gold
19. Possibilities 3
20. Homework
21. You Can Have Him
22. Give Me A Song With A Beautiful Melody
23. Just Got To Have Him Around
24. I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate
25. More Than I Should 


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