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Lila Downs - Border (La Linea). 2001


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Time: 64:07
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Released: 2001
Styles: Latin Folk, Latin Rhythms
Label: Narada World
Art: Front & Back


01. Mi Corazon Me Recuerda (My Heart Reminds Me) (4:33)
02. El Feo (The Ugly One) (3:27)
03. Sale Sobrando (Good For Nothin') (3:43)
04. Corazoncito Tirano (Little Tyrant Rat) (3:59)
05. La Nina (The Girl) (3:07)
06. Hanal Weech (Eat, Armadillo) (3:00)
07. Pastures Of Plenty / This Land Is Your Land  Land (5:56)
08. La Linea (The Line) (5:01)
09. El Bracero Fracasado (The Failed Bracero) (2:33)
10. Transito (3:49)
11. Smoke (Acteal) (4:52)
12. La Martiniana (5:48)
13. Soy Pescador (I Am A Fishermen) (3:58)
14. La Llorona (5:29)
15. Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps (4:45)

Singer-songwriter Lila Downs uses these 15 compositions (both originals and covers) to explore the joys and sorrows experienced by Mexican immigrants who cross the border for a better life only to experience exploitation and racism in this country. A child of a Mixtec Indian mother and Anglo-American father, the talented Downs brings in a fresh perspective from two cultural worlds. She imbues the Mexican cumbia style--which is itself a variation on a Colombian form of dance music integrating Latin, Native American, and African styles--with blues, jazz, and even a little hip-hop as pre-Colombian and Mexican percussion nestles comfortably with strings and electric guitar, piano, and bass. Lila Downs is a wide-ranging singer who passionately expresses her melancholic subject matter without lapsing into melodrama, and with this album she crosses musical borders of her own. --Bryan Reesman

This music is dedicated to the Mexican migrants, to the spirits of those who have died crossing the line. Accompanied by pre-Colombian and Mexican folk instruments, Lila Downs' provocative voice and lyrics create powerful music in any language. 


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