jueves, 3 de octubre de 2013

Doris Day - Sentimental Journey. Bewitched



1.- Powder your face with sunshine
2.- You got to my head
3.- Everywhere you go
4.- Again
5.- Now that I need you
6.- Let’s take an old fashioned walk
7.- Bewitched, bothered and bewildered
8.- It’s a great feeling
9.- You can go him
10.- I didn’t know what time it was
11.- Canadian capers
12.- Bluebird on your windowsill
13.- Quicksilver
14.- I said my pajamas
15.- Enjoy yourself
16.- I may be wrong but I think you’re wonderful
17.- The very thought of you
18.- Too marvelous for words
19.- With a song in my heart
20.- I didn’t slip, i wasn’t pushed, I fell
21.- Hoop-dee-doo
22.- I’ll be around
23.- Do, do do
24.- Crazy rhythm
25.- I know that you know
26.- Oh me! Oh my!
27.- I want to be happy
28.- He’s such a gentleman


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