jueves, 3 de octubre de 2013

Kate Smith - The Kate Smith Hour



01. September Song
02. Somebody Else is Taking My Place
03. I'm Lookin' Over a Four Leaf Clover
04. I Only Have Eyes for You
05. Will You Still Be Mine
06. The Gypsy in My Soul
07. Auf Wiedersehn, Sweetheart
08. I Tell You Never
09. Autumn Leaves
10. Everything I Have is Yours
11. Tenderly
12. Who Can I Turn To (The Jim Nabors Hour)
13. We Kiss in a Shadow
14. This Is All I Ask
15. Say It Isn't So
16. Breezin' Along with the Breeze
17. I'm Stepping Out with a Memory Tonight
18. Cry
19. Exactly Like You
20. I'll Walk Alone
21. My Blue Heaven
22. Never In a Million Years
23. Sleepy Lagoon
24. Tell Me Why
25. On the Sunny Side of the Street  (with the DeMarco Sisters)


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