jueves, 3 de octubre de 2013

Doris Day - Sentimental Journey. It's Magic



1.- Amapola
2.- Sentimental Journey
3.- My dreams are getting better all the time
4.- Tain’t me
5.- Till the end of time
6.- Come to baby do
7.- Aren’t you glad You’re you?
8.- We’ll be together again
9.- You won’t be satisfied until you break my heart
10.- Day by day
11.- I got the sun in the morning
12.- The whole world is singing my song
13.- Sooner or later
14.- It could happen to you
15.- Pete
16.- That’s the way he does it
17.- Papa, win’t you dance with me
18.- It’s magic
19.- Confess
20.- Love somebody
21.- Put’em in a box, tie’em with a ribbon
22.- Thoughtless
23.- It’s your or no one
24.- My darling, my darling
25.- You was


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